Tomato Early Pack America 3 3g

Tomato Early Pack America

Tomato Early Pack America  have a tall vine of up to 150-160 cm. and progressive production obtaining a maximum yield after the third flowering stage. It’s fruits are slightly flattened, full, sweet, with green shoulders passing for an intense red. It is also appropriate against cholesterol and hypertension.

  • Very sweet
  • Convenient to grow indoors and outdoors with a good sheltered position
  • Known to be a good source of antioxidant and help reduce cholesterol and hypertension

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Tomato Early Pack America 3 3g


Tomato enthusiasts, rejoice! We bring you the epitome of tomato perfection – Tomato Early Pack America 3 3g. With a towering vine reaching up to 150-160 cm, this marvel of nature is set to revolutionize your gardening experience.

Growth Characteristics

Towering Elegance

The Tomato Early Pack America 3 3g boasts a majestic vine that stands tall, reaching for the skies. This impressive stature not only adds a touch of elegance to your garden but also contributes to its progressive production.

Optimal Yield

Picture this: a burst of ripe, flavorful tomatoes cascading down the vine. This is the reality with Tomato Early Pack America 3 3g, as it achieves maximum yield after the third flowering stage. The patience is undoubtedly rewarded with an abundance of plump, slightly flattened fruits.

Fruit Profile

Flavorful Symphony

Indulge your taste buds in a symphony of sweetness. The fruits of Tomato Early Pack America 3 3g are not just ordinary tomatoes; they are a delight to the palate. Slightly flattened and full, they present a perfect blend of sweetness with a hint of green shoulders transitioning to an intense red.

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Cultivation Versatility

Indoor and Outdoor Delight

One of the remarkable features of Tomato Early Pack America 3 3g is its adaptability. Whether you are an indoor gardener or prefer the great outdoors, this tomato variety thrives in both settings. Provide it with a good sheltered position, and watch it flourish, rewarding you with a bountiful harvest.

Health Benefits

Nature’s Antioxidant

Beyond its delectable taste, Tomato Early Pack America 3 3g is a powerhouse of health benefits. Renowned for being an excellent source of antioxidants, these tomatoes contribute to your overall well-being. The antioxidants present in these tomatoes play a crucial role in combating free radicals, promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Cholesterol and Hypertension Support

In the quest for a healthier heart, Tomato Early Pack America 3 3g emerges as a natural ally. Studies suggest that the consumption of these tomatoes may aid in reducing cholesterol levels and managing hypertension. Embrace the goodness of nature while savoring the flavorful fruits of your gardening efforts.


Tomato Early Pack America 3 3g is not just a tomato; it’s a gardening revelation. From its towering vine to the sweet, full-flavored fruits, every aspect is designed to elevate your gardening experience. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a novice, this versatile variety promises a delightful journey from seed to harvest.