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Tristellateia australasiae or Shower of Gold Climber 80 – 100cm

Tristellateia australasiae or Shower of Gold Climber

Tristellateia australasiae or Shower of Gold Climber 80 – 100cm is vigorous, moderately to freely branching, woody-stemmed, twining climber with downy young stems and broadly elliptic, lustrous, mid-green leaves, 10-20cm long, lush and slender-pointed tips.

Note: One of the most successful climber of UAE. likes to be in sun. Plant it by trellis or any climber structure.
Max Height: 3-6m
Spread: Indefinite
Origin: Asia
Common Name: Shower of Gold
Flower Colour: Yellow
Drought Tolerance: Low
Salinity Tolerance: Low
Sun Tolerance: High
Wind Tolerance: Medium
Water Requirement: Low
PH Level: Basic
Pest Tolerance: High
Disease Tolerance: High
Growth Rate: Fast
Fragrance: No

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Tristellateia australasiae or Shower of Gold Climber


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Tristellateia Australasiae or Shower of Gold Climber, a botanical marvel that graces gardens with its ethereal beauty. As avid enthusiasts of flora, we delve into the depths of this exquisite species to present you with an in-depth exploration of its characteristics, cultivation, and the sheer magnificence it adds to your outdoor spaces.

Understanding Tristellateia Australasiae

What Sets it Apart?

Tristellateia Australasiae, commonly known as the Shower of Gold Climber, distinguishes itself with its unique features. Native to the lush landscapes of Australasia, this climber captivates with its tripartite leaves and golden blossoms, creating a cascade of color that enchants any garden it graces.

A Botanical Symphony

The botanical allure of this climber lies in its symphony of colors and shapes. The tripartite leaves, reminiscent of a three-leafed clover, form a lush green backdrop that accentuates the brilliance of its golden blossoms. Each bloom, like droplets of liquid gold, delicately hangs, creating a mesmerizing shower that evokes awe and admiration.

Cultivation and Care

Planting the Seeds of Success

Tristellateia Australasiae thrives in well-drained soil with a touch of acidity. When planting, ensure a sunny location, allowing this climber to bask in the sunlight, stimulating its prolific flowering. Adequate spacing between plants ensures optimal growth and an impressive display of its golden hues.

Nurturing Nature’s Masterpiece

The key to a flourishing Shower of Gold Climber lies in attentive care. Regular watering, supplemented with a balanced fertilizer during the growing season, fosters robust growth. Pruning, an art in itself, shapes the climber into a picturesque spectacle, enhancing its visual appeal and promoting a healthy, vibrant display.

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Landscape Design with Tristellateia Australasiae

Golden Elegance in Your Garden

Integrating Tristellateia Australasiae into your landscape design elevates the aesthetics of your outdoor haven. Whether entwined along trellises, adorning archways, or cascading from hanging baskets, the Shower of Gold Climber adds a touch of botanical elegance that transforms any garden into a sanctuary of beauty.

Complementary Companions

Pairing this climber with complementary plants enhances its visual impact. Consider juxtaposing it with evergreen shrubs to provide a year-round backdrop, creating a dynamic canvas that evolves with the seasons. The contrast of textures and colors amplifies the overall allure of your garden oasis.

Seasonal Showcase

Spring’s Golden Symphony

As spring unfolds, the Tristellateia Australasiae takes center stage with a profusion of golden blossoms. The climber’s vibrant display symbolizes the renewal of nature, turning your garden into a breathtaking panorama of colors. Witness the symphony of life as this botanical wonder flourishes, captivating both eye and heart.

Beyond Spring: Year-Round Appeal

Contrary to its ephemeral name, the Shower of Gold Climber extends its charm beyond spring. With proper care, this resilient species graces your garden with its presence throughout the year, providing a constant source of joy and natural beauty.


In conclusion, the allure of Tristellateia Australasiae transcends the ordinary, offering a botanical masterpiece that transforms gardens into enchanting realms. By understanding its unique characteristics, cultivation requirements, and integration into landscape design, you unlock the full potential of this golden climber, creating a haven of natural splendor in your outdoor space.

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