Alternanthera Red “Red Sessile Joyweed”

Alternanthera Red

Alternanthera Red is Mat-forming to erect perenial with elliptic to obovate, pointed, mid-green leaves, 2.5cm long, which are marked with combinations of red, orange, purple, and yellow. Insignificant white flowers are produced in spherical to ovoid, axillary spikes, 3-10mm long. Height 20-30cm, Spread indefinite. Native to Mexico, South America. var. amoena syn. A. amoena, is dwarf, with lance-shaped to elliptic, mid-green leaves, heavily mottled and veined brown-red, orange, and purple;

  • Max height: 0.20-0.30m
  • Spread: Indefinite
  • Origin: Mexico, South America
  • Family: Amaranthaceae
  • Flower Colour: White
  • Drought Tolerance: Medium
  • Salinity Tolerance: Medium
  • Sun Tolerance: High
  • Wind Tolerance: High
  • Water Requirement: Medium
  • PH Level: Basic
  • Pest Tolerance: High
  • Disease Tolerance: High
  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • Fragrance: No


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Alternanthera Red or Red Sessile Joyweed


In the world of landscaping and gardening, finding the perfect plants to add vibrancy and aesthetics to your outdoor space is essential. Alternanthera Red Sessile Joyweed, with its striking appearance and easy maintenance, has become a popular choice among garden enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore the beauty of Alternanthera Red Sessile Joyweed and where you can purchase it online at HelloShopOnline.ae.

What is Alternanthera Red Sessile Joyweed?

The Alluring Foliage

Alternanthera Red Sessile Joyweed, also known as Alternanthera Reineckii, is a herbaceous plant renowned for its stunning red and purple foliage. It is native to South America and belongs to the Amaranthaceae family. This eye-catching plant is the perfect addition to any garden or landscaping project, as it provides an instant burst of color.

Versatility in Design

One of the key reasons why Alternanthera Red Sessile Joyweed is a favorite among gardeners is its versatility in design. Whether you’re creating a lush, tropical paradise or a minimalist modern garden, this plant can effortlessly adapt to various landscaping styles.

Alternanthera Red

Why Choose Alternanthera Red Sessile Joyweed?

Low Maintenance

Gardening should be a joy, not a chore. Alternanthera Red Sessile Joyweed is perfect for those who desire a beautiful garden without the hassle of high maintenance. It thrives in a variety of soil types and requires minimal care, making it an excellent choice for both experienced and novice gardeners.

Drought Tolerance

In regions with sporadic rainfall, maintaining a garden can be challenging. However, Alternanthera Red Sessile Joyweed has excellent drought tolerance. This means you can enjoy its vibrant colors even during dry spells, without the need for constant watering.

Pest Resistance

Dealing with pests in the garden can be frustrating. Fortunately, Alternanthera Red Sessile Joyweed is known for its natural resistance to common garden pests. This attribute ensures that your garden remains healthy and beautiful without the use of harmful pesticides.

Where to Buy Alternanthera Red Sessile Joyweed Online

If you’re ready to add a pop of color to your garden with Alternanthera Red Sessile Joyweed, HelloShopOnline.ae is your go-to destination. They offer a wide variety of gardening supplies, including this stunning plant, at competitive prices.


Incorporating Alternanthera Red Sessile Joyweed into your garden is a surefire way to elevate its beauty and charm. Its striking foliage, low maintenance requirements, and resistance to pests make it a top choice for both seasoned gardeners and beginners. Visit HelloShopOnline.ae today to purchase this remarkable plant and transform your outdoor space into a colorful oasis.

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1. Is Alternanthera Red Sessile Joyweed suitable for beginners?

  • Yes, it is an excellent choice for beginners due to its low maintenance requirements.

2. Can Alternanthera Red Sessile Joyweed thrive in partial shade?

  • While it prefers full sun, it can tolerate partial shade, but its color may not be as vibrant.

3. How often should I water Alternanthera Red Sessile Joyweed?

  • Water it when the soil is dry to the touch, usually once a week or as needed.

4. Does Alternanthera Red Sessile Joyweed attract butterflies?

  • Yes, its colorful foliage can attract butterflies to your garden.

5. Can I use Alternanthera Red Sessile Joyweed in indoor plant arrangements?

  • Yes, it can be used in indoor plant arrangements, provided it receives adequate sunlight.
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