• Bobbin wound fiber glass reinforcement with polyester resin
• Multi-construcfion layers:non-corrosive and chemical protective
• UV resistance, suitable for operation under prolong sunlight
• Inner filtration system with evenly spread laterals enhance filtration performance.
• Service manhole for easy maintenance
• Equipped with manometer for easy inspection of the working pressure of both inlet and outlet.
• Deign filtration velocity: 20/30/4Om3/h/m2
• Max operating pressure 2.5 / 4 bar
• Suggested size of media O.5-O.8mm, 1-2mm
• Manifolds & valves not include
• Warranty: 5 years

Note: All Bobbined filters do not include valves. Please specify the type of valves:
Manual or automatic (electric or pneumatic) for quotation.



H-4472-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1200, L=2030- 2.5BAR /4BAR

H-4473-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1200, L=2060- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4474-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1200, L=2430- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4475-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1200, L=2460- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4476-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1200, L=2630- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4477-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1200, L=2660- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4478-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1200, L=2830- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4479-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1200, L=2860- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4480-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1200, L=3130- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4481-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1200, L=3160- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4482-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1400, L=2030- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4483-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1400, L=2060- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4484-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1400, L=2630- 2.5BAR /4BAR

H-4485-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1400,L=2660- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4486-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1400, L=3130- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4487-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1400, L=3160- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4488-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1400, L=3180- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4489-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1600, L=2130- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4490-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1600, L=2160- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4491-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1600, L=2660- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4492-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1600, L=2680- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4493-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1600, L=3160- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4494-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1600, L=3180- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4495-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1800, L=2660- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4496-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1800, L=2680- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4497-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1800, L=3160- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4498-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1800, L=3180- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4499-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1800, L=3680- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4500-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1800, L=3680- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4501-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1800, L=4160-2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4502-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1800, L=4180- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4503-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.1800, L=4180- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4504-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2000, L=2660- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4505-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2000, L=2680- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4506-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2000, L=3160- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4507-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2000, L=3180- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4508-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2000, L=3660- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4509-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2000, L=3680- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4510-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2000, L=3680- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4511-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2000, L=4160- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4512-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2000, L=4180- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4513-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2000, L=4180- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4514-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2000, L=4680- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4515-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2000, L=4680- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4516-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2350, L=3160- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4517-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2350, L=3180- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4518-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2350, L=3180- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4519-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2350, L=3660- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4520-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2350, L=3680- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4521-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2350, L=3680- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4522-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2350, L=4180- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4523-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2350, L=4180- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4524-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2350, L=4680- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4525-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2350, L=4680- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4526-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2350, L=5180- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4527-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2350, L=5180- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4528-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2350, L=5180- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4529-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2500, L=3660- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4530-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2500, L=3680- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4531-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2500, L=3680- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4532-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2500, L=4180- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4533-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2500, L=4180- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4534-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2500, L=4680- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4535-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2500, L=4680- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4536-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2500, L=4680- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4537-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2500, L=5180- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4538-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2500, L=5180- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4539-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.2500, L=5180- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4540-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.3000, L=3680- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4541-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.3000, L=3680- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4542-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.3000, L=3680- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4543-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.3000, L=4180- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4544-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.3000, L=4180- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4545-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.3000, L=4180- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4546-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.3000, L=4680- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4547-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.3000 , L=4680- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4548-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.3000, L=4680- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4549-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.3000, L=5180- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4550-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.3000, L=5180- 2.5BAR/4BAR

H-4551-2.5/4-HORIZONTAL FILTERS DIA.3000, L=5180- 2.5BAR/4BAR

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