585000020-METALFIX 2L

572000050-ANTICAL 5 L

572000200-ANTICAL 20 L





Curative and preventive against soiling of dissolved metals. Metals occur naturally in the water, even a little, such as copper, iron or manganese, are oxidized by the
disinfecting treatments, which colored waters. MÉTALFIX, by sequestering metal ions, delays or prevents these problems.

Pour 2.2 lb. of powder MÉTALFIX / 15.000 gal. (1 kg / 50 m3) at the first filling. Then add MÉTALFIX, in the same proportion, depending on the volume of fresh water intake. NOTE: for a higher metal content than 1ppm, double dosing.


Prevents inlay of dissolved minerals.
Particularly limestone and metal deposits.

At first filling, add 33fl. oz. / 5200 gal. (1 L / 20 m3) of water. In maintenance treatment, add ANTICAL according to the volume of fresh water added. For “hard” scale-forming waters whose TH is higher than 300 ppm, plan to double this dosage, or 33fl. oz. / 2600 gal. (1 L / 10 m3) of water.

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